Batman Unlimited

Season 1

  1. Training Standoff
  2. Batman Takes on Solomon Grundy
  3. Red Robin and Nightwing Take Down Killer Croc
  4. Batman, Red Robin Take on Man-Bat
  5. Batman and Nightwing Gadget-Up to Go Against Silverback
  6. The Race is on! Batman and the Flash vs Cheetah
  7. Super Hero Training Battle
  8. Nightwing and Red Robin vs Silverback
  9. Battle in the Streets
  10. Bank Robbery Gone Wrong
  11. Duel with the Penguin
  12. Iced Out
  13. Bank Heist
  14. Fishing for Grundy
  15. Fight Night at the Museum
  16. Boardwalk Battle
  17. Training Exercises
  18. Divide and Conquer
  19. No Joke
  20. Bane Packs a Punch
  21. Run for the Money
  22. Armored Truck Heist
  23. Animal Instincts
  24. Monster Mayhem